Mum left fuming after ordering £329 tablet only to receive biscuits and bag of sugar

A British mum who spent £329 on a tablet was left utterly shocked when she opened an Amazon parcel to find two packs of biscuits and a bag of sugar.

Rebecca Assad from Leeds said she had ordered a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite last month for her daughter from an online Amazon retailer, and couldn’t believe her eyes when she opened the package to find she hadn’t received the tablet – but just £3 worth of sweet treats.

The 36-year-old said she immediately texted her husband after finding a pack of Oreos, some Maryland Cookies, and a 500g bag of granulated sugar in the cardboard box which was supposed to contain the tablet.

She said: “When I saw the parcel, I was in utter shock. I think my mouth dropped open and I instantly panicked thinking ‘OMG ‘.”

Rebecca claimed she complained about the incident to Amazon but was simply told to return the ‘tablet’ – that she had never received – in order to get a refund.

She explained: “I just remember, after receiving the parcel, clicking on ‘wrong item received’ on Amazon’s website as there wasn’t any other option.

“I sent the package back the next day and it took a full two weeks until we got that email. I emailed them back, explaining everything to them but they just replied with the same automated response.”

The company that Rebecca had ordered the device from repeatedly told her to return the tablet to get a refund, despite her repeatedly explaining the fact that she never received it in the first place.

Fuming about the ordeal and her potential loss of hundreds of pounds, Rebecca shared the story on social media with snaps of the package full of biscuits.

She wrote: “Just wanted to share that I ordered a tablet on Amazon and it was swapped for these. I returned it the next day as it was ‘wrong item delivered’ and they are now making out ov [sic] stolen it.

“Sense this is going to be a challenge. Apparently it’s very common too so please don’t order any expensive items from Amazon.”

The post blew up, garnering more than 1,300 likes and 900 comments, with many other social media users expressing their support and sharing their similar experiences.

A user commented: “How horrendous. Life is tough enough for everyone at the moment. Hopefully you get it sorted”.

Another person said: “Been using Amazon for over 20 years and never had an issue other than the one random item arrived that I hadn’t ordered.”

Others warned of how to avoid potential scams on the Amazon site, with one user hinting that it’s always best to order directly from Amazon and never from a third party seller.

They said: “It’s crap, but if you are ordering on Amazon you should buy from Amazon and not be enticed by cheap deals.”

A spokesperson for Amazon today said: “We’ve worked directly with the customer to make things right”.